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Kurlon Luxurino Spring Mattress Review

Ever argued with your partner on buying a mattress? He/she might like a spring mattress, and you wished to buy a memory foam mattress. What if you guys get it as a hybrid? A pocket spring mattress with a memory foam layer on the top to ensure sound and comfortable sleep. Kurlon is manufacturing one […]

Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress Review

Sleepwell is one of India’s leading mattress brands. They have a wide range of mattress from which you can choose the best mattress which suits you. They have a mattress named Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress for back support. Let us discuss more on Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress Review, Ratings, Materials used and other details in this post. […]

Kurlon Pure Coir Mattress Review

Sometimes you might feel comfortable with natural products only. Foam and Spring mattress might bring back pain to some people if they do not lay down properly. For such customers, Kurlon is providing Pure Coir mattress which helps them recover from back pain. Let us discuss more on Kurlon Pure Coir Mattress review, ratings, materials […]

Kurlon Desire Top Mattress Review

Sometimes, people expect an extra comfort layer over the top of their mattress. These mattresses are also called as the pillow-top mattresses. Kurlon is manufacturing a pillow top mattress named as Kurlon Desire Top Mattress. Let us discuss more on Kurlon Desire Top Mattress Review, Ratings, Materials used, Specification and other details in this post. […]

Kurlon Magnum Mattress Review – Coir Mattress

All artificial mattresses might cause some problem with our body. Hence, people prefer buying a mattress made from natural raw materials. Kurlon is also manufacturing a mattress which is made up of natural pure coir core. The mattress is named as “Kurlon Magnum Mattress“. Let us discuss more on Kurlon Magnum Mattress review, ratings, specification, […]

Kurlon Mermaid Mattress Review

A Mattress should be manufactured in such a way that it should give us a good night sleep and allow us to wake up fresh in the morning. Each and every part of the mattress should feel comfortable. Kurlon has manufactured a mattress named as “Mermaid” which is a bonded foam mattress with memory foam […]

Kurlon Relish Mattress Review

Every worried disturbed from sleep by your partner due to their movements? Never worry again! Kurlon has manufactured a mattress which assures Zero Partner disturbance with the use of MSI technology on Spring mattresses. The product is named as Kurlon Relish Spring Mattress. Let us discuss more on Kurlon Relish Mattress Review, ratings, materials used, […]

Sleep Spa Orthopaedic Dual Comfort Mattress Review

There are mattresses which give you a hard and soft feel. You can choose the type of feel you want, depending on your requirements. What if the same dual comfort mattress supports orthopaedic as well. Would it be the best right? Sleep Spa is manufacturing an Orthopaedic dual comfort mattress which can be used in […]

Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review

When it comes to a soft mattress, Memory foam mattress always has the upper hand. Many famous brands have started manufacturing Memory foam mattress in combination with High resilience foam, but only a few brands have manufactured mattress with quality materials. One such mattress is Sunday Memory plus mattress. Let us discuss on Sunday Memory […]