After a tiring day, everyone wishes to have a good night sleep. A good mattress will give you a comfortable sleep all night and you will feel fresh in the morning. With plenty of mattress choices available, there are few mattress brands in India which have given best quality mattress for their customers. Two of such few mattress brands are Wakefit and Sleepycat. When it comes to Wakefit vs Sleepycat, both are manufacturing quality mattress but still let us discuss which will be the best one to buy.

Wakefit VS Sleepycat – Number of Mattresses available


Wakefit is manufacturing two different mattresses.

  1. Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress
  2. Dual Comfort Mattress

Among the two mattresses, one is made up of Memory Foam and the other is made up of Soft Foam with high resilience foam on the bottom for both mattresses.


Sleepycat is also manufacturing two different mattresses.

  1. Sleepycat Original
  2. Sleepycat Plus

Both the mattress are quite similar with the materials they use. The only difference is the height of the mattress. Sleepycat Original’s height is 6 inches and sleepycat plus is 8 inches.


Number of Mattresses available – To Conclude

Both manufacture only two mattresses and they are giving their best using these two mattress. In Sleepycat, both mattresses are Gel Memory foam mattresses and Wakefit has only one memory foam mattress. Both mattress in Sleepycat support Orthopaedic while only one mattress in Wakefit Support Orthopaedic. Wakefit Dual comfort mattress can be used both sides while Sleepycat can be used on one side only.

Wakefit VS Sleepycat – Materials Used


  1. Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress: This mattress used High Resilience foam as primary base and a new-gen memory foam on the top of it. It also has a cool foam to keep your body cool.
  2. Dual Comfort Mattress: This mattress uses High-resilience foam on one side and soft foam on the other. You can turn it upside down to change the feel of the mattress.
Wakefit VS Sleepycat
Wakefit VS Sleepycat


  1. Original: This mattress uses 5 inches of High density foam and 1 inch of gel memory foam. These layers act as firm and supportive base for our mattress.
  2. Plus: This mattress uses 6 inches of High density foam and 2 inches of gel memory foam. This mattress is manufactured to give us a softer and more comfortable feel.
Wakefit VS Sleepycat
Wakefit VS Sleepycat

Materials Used – To Conclude

Both the mattresses use high quality materials. There is no negatives about the materials used. To keep our body cool, Wakefit uses Cool foam and the Sleepycat uses Gel Foam. As far as the material is concerned, you can buy any of the two mattress brands.

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Wakefit VS Sleepycat – Size Variation


The Wakefit mattress has plenty of size options. You can choose the best size which suits your family. They have a custom size option as well. Also, Memory foam mattress is available in 3 heights and dual comfort mattress is available in 2 height options.


Only available in two height and those two heights are named as Sleepycat original and Sleepycat plus.

Size Variation – To Conclude

As far as size variation is concerned, Wakefit has an upper hand while comparing to Sleepycat mattress.

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Wakefit VS Sleepycat – Price Details


Dual Comfort Mattress: Rs. 5748.00 to Rs. 13075.00

Memory Foam Mattress: Rs. 7650.00 to Rs. 21180.00


Original: Rs. 10489.00 to Rs. 18989.00

Plus: Rs. 21989.00 to Rs. 24989.00

Price Details – To Conclude

On comparing the price details, Wakefit seems to give the best product for lesser price. For example: Considering the same size variable (78 X 72 X 8), Wakefit’s price is INR 21180.00 while Sleepycat’s price is INR 24,989.00. Wakefit gets the upper hand in this section.

Wakefit VS Sleepycat – Features


  1. 100 days free trail
  2. 20 years warranty
  3. Free shipping
  4. No Cost EMI
  5. Premium Quality
Wakefit VS Sleepycat
Wakefit VS Sleepycat


  1. 30 days free trail
  2. 10 years warranty
  3. Free Shipping
  4. 1 in 10 order donated to poor
  5. Premium Quality
Wakefit VS Sleepycat

Wakefit VS Sleepycat

Features – To Conclude

With 100 days free trail and 20 years warranty, Wakefit stands on top in this section as well. Even Sleepycat is giving free trails and warranty but less than Wakefit. Both are offering free delivery and good quality material.

Wakefit VS Sleepycat – Customer Reviews

Both Mattress have good customer reviews. In Amazon, both the mattress are rated 4.8/5 by customers which makes both as a good buy.

Overall Conclusion

As per Best Mattress in India review, both the mattress are good in all the sections. In few sections, Wakefit has an upper head comparing to Sleepycat. If you wish to buy a Gel Memory foam mattress, then go for Sleepycat and if you wish to buy a new gen memory foam mattress, then go for Wakefit. Both the mattress brand standards are quite high.

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