A mattress should be manufactured in such a way that it does not create any back pain to our body. If you are already suffering from back pain, then the mattress should provide support to your body and help you come out of spine problems. Sleepwell Spine Bond mattress is one such kind. It provides excellent support to our spine. Let us discuss more on Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress review, ratings, mattress details and other details in this post.

Materials Used

Here is the list of materials used in this mattress:

  • Rubberized Coir: To aid natural support to our body. The coir regulates the temperature of the body naturally.
  • PU Foam: Hard and flexible layer of PU foam added on the top of the coir to add an extra layer of comfort and bounce.
  • PU Foam: Soft and flexible layer of PU foam added along with the printed quilt.
Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress Review

Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress Review

Our Review on Materials Used:

Coir is used with Foam in this mattress. Spine Bond mattress is a hybrid mattress as it uses both coir and foam. The rubberized coir is used to support your back.

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Mattress Specifications

The Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress details are listed out here,

Colour Multi-colour
Item Weight Varies for each size
Product Dimensions Varies for each size
Assembly Type No Assembly Required
Primary material Coir and Foam
Warranty Summary 5 Years of Manufacturer Warranty
Mattress Comfort Medium Firm
Mattress Thickness 4 inches

Our Review on Mattress Specifications:

The Sleepwell Spine Bond comes with 5 years of manufacturer warranty. The mattress is made up of coir and foam. It comes already assembled to the customer.

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Size Details

The primary dimension on Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress are listed out here,

  • 72 X 30 | 72 X 36 | 72 X 48 | 72 X 60 | 72 X 66| 72 X 72
  • 75 X 30 | 75 X 36 | 75 X 48 | 75 X 60 | 75 X 66| 75 X 72
  • 78 X 30 | 78 X 36 | 78 X 48 | 78 X 60 | 78 X 66| 78 X 72
  • 84 X 30 | 84 X 36 | 84 X 48 | 84 X 60 | 84 X 66| 84 X 72

The mattress is available in only one thickness (height) option,

  • 4 inch

Our Review on Size Details:

With plenty of size options, Sleepwell is giving you the best size options. You can choose the best size which suits you and your family. Before buying a mattress, measure your bed and then choose the right size which suits your bed.

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Price Details

The price of the mattress varies for each size options. The price of the mattress starts from INR 7214 (for a single bad smaller size mattress). The maximum price of the mattress is INR 20,200.

Our Review on Price Details:

This is a hybrid mattress. Hence, the price mentioned here is quite reasonable for a hybrid mattress. The mattress is just 4 inches thick. It could have been 5 or 6 inches thick for this price.

Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress Review

Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress Review

Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress Review & Ratings

Materials Used 3.0/5
Performance 4.0/5
Durability 4.0/5
Customer Satisfaction 3.0/5
Overall Rating 3.5/5

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Sleepwell Spine Bond Mattress – Saves you from Back Pain

When compared to other mattress types, Sleepwell Spine Bond mattress comes for a better price. This mattress will surely protect your back from back pain as it is a medium firm mattress. The mattress is an anti-bed bug mattress and it is treated with health fresh technology.

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