Sleepwell is one of India’s leading mattress brands. They have a wide range of mattress from which you can choose the best mattress which suits you. They have a mattress named Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress for back support. Let us discuss more on Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress Review, Ratings, Materials used and other details in this post.

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Materials Used

Here is the list of materials used in this mattress:

  1. Bonded Foam – This is the core of this mattress. The Bonded foam is flexible, and it aids your back. The bonded foam gives extra firmness to the mattress.
  2. PU Foam Quilt – The bonded foam is covered by a printed quilt which contains PU foam for extra softness on both sides.
Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress Review

Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress Review

Our Review on Materials Used:

The outer quilt used is soft, and the design is good. The mattress is flexible with the right amount of firmness throughout the mattress.

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Mattress Specifications

The Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress details are listed out here,

Colour Multi-colour
Item Weight Varies for each size
Product Dimensions Varies for each size
Assembly Type No Assembly Required
Primary material Foam
Warranty Summary 5 Years of Manufacturer Warranty
Mattress Comfort Medium Firm
Mattress Thickness 4.5 inches

Our Review on Mattress Specifications:

The mattress comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty. Durafirm mattress comes pre-assembled on delivery. You can use the mattress directly after delivery. It comes in only one thickness option (4.5 inches).

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Size Details

The primary dimension on Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress are listed out here,

  • 72 X 30 | 72 X 36 | 72 X 48 | 72 X 60 | 72 X 66| 72 X 72
  • 75 X 30 | 75 X 36 | 75 X 48 | 75 X 60 | 75 X 66| 75 X 72
  • 78 X 30 | 78 X 36 | 78 X 48 | 78 X 60 | 78 X 66| 78 X 72
  • 84 X 30 | 84 X 36 | 84 X 48 | 84 X 60 | 84 X 66| 84 X 72

The mattress is available in only one thickness (height) option,

  • 4.5 inch

Our Review on Size Details:

Variety of size option available and you can choose the best size which suits you and your family. Before choosing a size, make sure that you measure your bed and choose a mattress fitting your bed.

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Price Details

The price of the mattress varies for each size. The minimum amount of the bed (for a smaller size mattress) is INR 9378. The price of the King size largest mattress is INR 26264.

Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress Review

Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress Review

Our Review on Price Details:

The price of the mattress is a bit high compared to other mattresses containing the same raw materials. The price could have been a little low than this.

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Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress Review & Ratings

Materials Used 3.0/5
Performance 4.0/5
Durability 4.0/5
Customer Satisfaction 3.0/5
Overall Rating 3.5/5


“Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress – Firm Mattress for your Back”

The Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress is a medium firm mattress which supports your back. If you are suffering from back pain due to the previous mattress, then this will be the right time to change to Sleepwell Durafirm Mattress. The mattress is treated with health fresh technology.

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