Mattress size is one of the key factors to get a comfortable sleep. A bed mattress should be big enough to fit your body in it. You should choose the right mattress type and perfect mattress size while buying a new mattress. Each country has their own standard mattress size. Indian mattress sizes is quite similar to the mattress size of many countries.

Indian Mattress Sizes

Here are the various bed mattress size names used in India:

Below are the Indian Mattress Size Chart:

Mattress NameSizes (Dimensions in Inches)
Bunk bed39″ X 75″
Single bed36″ X 75″
Double bed54″ X 75″
Queen Size60″ X 78″
King Size72″ X 85″

Bunk bed Mattress Size

It is normally used in the kid’s room. Most of the Bunk bed cot has more than one layer. Family with more than 1 kid prefer such cots due to lack of space in the room.

Normally the size of the bunk bed is 39″ X 75″ inches. The Number of mattresses depends on the layers of a Bunk bed.

Indian Mattress Sizes
Bunk Bed – Indian Mattress Sizes

Single Bed Mattress Size

Single bed mattress is idle for a single person. You can use this kind of mattress either in your room (if you are a single), kids room or in the guest room.

The normal size of the Indian single bed mattress is 36″ X 75″ inches. It is suitable for only one person. Other Single Bed Mattress Sizes available are

72″ X 30″ | 75″ X 30″ | 78″ X 30″
72″ X 36″ | 75″ X 36″ | 78″ X 36″
72″ X 42″ | 75″ X 42″ | 78″ X 42″

Indian Mattress Sizes
Single Bed – Indian Mattress Sizes

Double Bed Mattress Size

Double bed mattress is idle for two members. Most hotels in India have double bed which doesn’t have space for an extra person. It is suitable for a pair whose kids stay in another room.

The standard size of the Indian Double bed mattress is 54″ X 75″ inches.
The below sizes are mentioned as Double Bed Size as well.

72″ X 48″ | 75″ X 48″ | 78″ X 48″
72″ X 54″ | 75″ X 54″ | 78″ X 54″

Indian Mattress Sizes
Double Bed – Indian Mattress Sizes

Queen Bed Mattress Size

Queen size mattress is suitable for a pair with a kid. Obviously, you have to buy an extra bed when your kid grows up. Taller persons can feel comfortable in a queen size mattress.

The standard size of an Indian queen size mattress is 60″ X 78″ inches.
The below sizes are mentioned as Queen Size as well.

72″ X 60″ | 75″ X 60″ | 78″ X 60″
72″ X 66″ | 75″ X 66″ | 78″ X 66″

Indian Mattress Sizes
Queen Size – Indian Mattress Sizes

King Bed Mattress Size

King size mattress is the biggest of all other sizes of mattresses in India. It is suitable for a couple with 2 children. The height of the bed is also bigger with a wider width.

The standard size of an Indian king size mattress is 72″ X 85″ inches. King size bed occupies more space and hence, you need a bigger room to contain it. The below sizes are mentioned as King Size as well.

72″ X 72″ | 75″ X 72″ | 78″ X 72″
72″ X 80″ | 75″ X 80″ | 78″ X 80″

Apart from these commonly used mattress sizes, there are other mattress sizes like

  • King split mattress size (2) – 76 X 80 inches
  • Queen split mattress size (2) – 60 X 80 inches
  • California King mattress size – 72 X 84 inches
  • Double Extra Large mattress size – 53 X 80 inches
  • Single Extra Large mattress size – 39 X 80 inches

It is better to make a research on bed mattress before buying one.

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Final Thoughts

If you are a bachelor, then you can probably buy a single bed or double bed mattress. If you planning to get married, we recommend you to buy queen size mattress. Queen size mattress will be perfect for a couple with a kid. If you want to buy more spacious mattress, then go ahead for King size mattress. As the name specifies, you can sleep like a King in a King sized mattress.

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