When it comes to a soft mattress, Memory foam mattress always has the upper hand. Many famous brands have started manufacturing Memory foam mattress in combination with High resilience foam, but only a few brands have manufactured mattress with quality materials. One such mattress is Sunday Memory plus mattress. Let us discuss on Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review, ratings, materials used and other details in this post.

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Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review

Materials Used

The materials used in Sunday Memory Plus Mattress are,

  1. Memory Foam: The topmost layer of the mattress which is designed to give more comfort to the customer.
  2. High Resilience Foam: This layer acts as the base for the mattress.

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Our Review on materials used:

The memory foam mattress is always an excellent option to buy due to its soft nature. The materials used here are made up of High quality. The outer cover can be removed and washed easily. Overall the material used in this mattress is neatly arranged and comfortable.

Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review

Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review

Mattress Specifications

The Sunday Memory Plus Mattress details are listed out here,

Colour Multi-colour
Item Weight Varies for each size
Product Dimensions Varies for each size
Assembly Type No Assembly Required
Primary material Spring
Warranty Summary 10 Years of Manufacturer Warranty
Trail 100 days of a free trial
Mattress Comfort Firm Feel
Mattress Thickness 6 Inch & 8 inch

Our Review on Mattress Specifications:

Sunday Memory Plus Mattress comes with ten years manufacturer warranty. It also comes with 100 days of the free trial. If you don’t like the product, then you can get a refund within 100 days of using it.

Buy Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review on Amazon

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Size Details

The primary dimension on Sunday Memory Plus Mattress is listed out here,

6-inch variations:

  • Diwan: 30*72
  • Single: 36*72 | 36*75 | 38*78
  • Double: 48*72 | 48*75 | 48*78
  • Queen: 60*72 | 60*75 | 60*78
  • XL Queen: 66*72 | 66*75 | 66*78
  • King: 72*72 | 72*75 | 72*78

8-inch variations:

  • Queen: 66*78
  • King: 72*78

Our Review on Size Details:

Sunday mattress comes with plenty of size options. You can choose the size which suits your family. The mattresses are available in two height options. Six inches mattress is available in all size variants. Eight inches mattress is available in only two size variants.

Buy Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review on Amazon

Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review

Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review

Price Details

The price varies for each mattress sizes. The price starts at Rs. 5,999 for a Diwan 72 X 30 X 6 inches mattress. The maximum price of this mattress is for the King Size mattress. The maximum price is Rs 21,999.

Our Review on Price Details:

The price of the mattress is reasonable compared to most of the other brands. For such high-quality materials, these prices are affordable ones. You can go ahead in buying this mattress.

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Sunday Memory Plus Mattress Review & Ratings

Materials Used 4.0/5
Performance 3.5/5
Durability 3.5/5
Customer Satisfaction 4.0/5
Overall Rating 3.75/5


Memory Foam mattress for a better price – Great Product

This is another right memory foam mattress which can be purchased for a cheaper amount. It gives you 100 days of a free trial along with ten years of manufacturer warranty. If you are planning to buy a firm memory foam mattress, then Sunday memory plus mattress will make the best choice to buy.

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