A mattress should be designed in such a way that it provides comfort and warmth to its customers. Everyone loves to sleep, and the comfort depends on the mattress you use. To get a pleasant sleep, a consumer should choose the best mattress. Kurlon is working on providing the best mattress in India. One of its product is Kurlon Convenio Mattress. Let us discuss more on Kurlon Convenio mattress review, ratings, material details, specification and much more.

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Materials Used:

The materials used in Kurl-on Convenio bonded foam Mattress are

  • Re-bonded foam core layer – Ultra firm support to the body.
  • High-density PU Foam comfort layer – medium-firm support.
  • 100% memory foam comfort layer with generous thick quilting – Takes the body shape & controls body temperature by ensuring extra plush comfort.
  • PU foam tapestry quilt – Additional side support.
  • High-density PU foam quilt on the bottom – Ability to withstand the weight & provides superior core support.
  • Mattress Crafted to perfection – Poly knitted unique tapestry design tailored with Anti-bed bug thread locked by poly web tape finish.
Kurlon Convenio Mattress Review

Kurlon Convenio Mattress Review

Our Review on Materials Used:

The Kurlon Convenio Mattress is made by re-bonded foam core layer which gives ultra support to the body. This mattress provides the body with the natural S-shape and controls body temperature by ensuring extra comfort level. The high-density PU bonded foam on the bottom is used to withstand the weight and medium-firm support.

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Mattress Specifications

The Kurl-on Convenio Bonded Foam Mattress details are listed out here,

Colour Multi-colour
Item Weight Varies for each size
Product Dimensions Varies for each size
Assembly Type No Assembly Required
Primary material Foam
Warranty Summary 5 Years of Manufacturer Warranty
Mattress Comfort Medium
Mattress Thickness 4 Inch

Our Review on Mattress Specifications:

With five years of the manufacturer warranty, Kurlon Convenio Mattress will best suit for your family. The brand has already created an impact in India with their previous products. The maximum thickness available for this product is 4 inch.

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Size Details

The primary dimension on Kurlon Convenio Mattress are listed out here,

  • 72 * 30 / 72 * 35 / 72 * 36 / 72 * 42 / 72 * 48 / 72 * 60 / 72 * 66 / 72 * 72
  • 75 * 30 / 75 * 35 / 75 * 36 / 75 * 42 / 75 * 48 / 75 * 60 / 75 * 66 / 75 * 72
  • 78 * 30 / 78 * 35 / 78 * 36 / 78 * 42 / 78 * 48 / 78 * 60 / 78 * 66 / 78 * 72
  • 84 * 30 / 84 * 35 / 84 * 36 / 84 * 42 / 84 * 48 / 84 * 60 / 84 * 66 / 84 * 72

Our Review on Size Details:

Plenty of size variation available for this mattress. You can choose the best size of these and buy them. Each size comes with a height of 4 inches. So we don’t have any other choice to choose the height of the mattress.

Kurlon Convenio Mattress Review

Kurlon Convenio Mattress Review

Price Details

The price varies for each size we choose from twin to king size mattress. The price of the Kurl-on Convenio Bonded Foam Mattress starts from Rs 10,896 to 26,020 for the different size dimensions.

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Our Review on Price Details:

The Kurl-on gives you the best collection for you with decent price ranging and best quality. The Kurl-on Convenio Mattress gives you the best feel and comfort, which is worth the cost compared to other mattresses.

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Kurl-on Convenio Mattress Review & Ratings

Materials Used 4.0/5
Performance 3.5/5
Durability 4.5/5
Customer Satisfaction 4.0/5
Overall Rating 4.0/5

Flipkart Ratings

Kurlon Convenio Mattress Review

Kurlon Convenio Mattress Review


“Kurl-on Convenio – Good Night Sleep with Comfort”

The Kurl-on is something which gives you the best sleep with more comfort. The anti-bed bug technology prevents bugs from entering your mattress to offer peaceful sleep. This keeps away the bacteria, fungi and dust particles. The bed keeps you to restore the user’s healthy blood circulation to lessen back and neck pain. The Kurlon Convenio Mattress believe in comfort, style, satisfaction and quality. Forget about the sleepless nights when you have a comfortable mattress on your bed.

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